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Fresh Seafood is Knowing

when it was caught
How it was caught
Where it was caught

We can ensure that our seafood is always fresh by letting you know when, how and where it was caught.

Always whole

All our fish is sold whole

Always Tasty

Every species we catch is monitored by a federal observer to ensure our seafood meets health regulations


We never freeze our whole fish

Always Local

All our seafood is caught in the Pacific Northwest

The highest quality wild seafood from sustainable sources. Our mission is to promote the respectful and responsible catching seafood including halibut, black cod, ling cod, dover sole, snapper, rockfish, petrale sole, dungeness crab, while protecting the environment for future generations of fish and people. We offer the absolute highest quality seafood available.

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Another Hook for SLS

We are a family business that serves the local community with the highest quality seafood in Bellingham, Washington. Pacific Hustler F/V

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(Don’t forget to bring an ice cooler with you!)

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cutting filleting fish
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Secrets of a Savvy Seafood Shopper

Buying a fish whole and filleting it yourself yields an array of flavorful cuts at a fraction of what they’d otherwise cost
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