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Pacific Hustler Boat Vessel Sound Leader Seafoods in Bellingham, Washington

We are your source for fresh seafood.

Sound Leader Seafoods is a family business that operates out of Bellingham, Washington and Arizona. We serve the local community with the highest quality seafood. Our mission is to provide fresh local fish direct from the fisherman to the consumer, sustainably caught by hook and line and individually iced at sea.

The Owners

Allen & Gina Oakley

"My focus now is to do what I've always wanted to do; and that is providing fresh fish directly to the consumer. There is great joy in someone being able to buy a fresh halibut right off the vessel that was caught days earlier."

owners Allen and Gina Oakley of Sound Leader Seafoods

Our story

Sound Leader Seafoods was established by Allen Oakley, a resident of a coastal town in Oregon who grew up in close proximity to the ocean and fishing boats. Allen’s passion for fishing commenced at the young age of 19 when he took a summer hiatus from college to venture into fishing in Alaska.

Initially starting as an Engineer/Deckhand on the Early Dawn, he eventually worked his way up to becoming a captain and a partner of the Early Dawn and several other crab vessels in the Bering Sea. His tenure in the Bering Sea spanned 20 years, during which he was able to climb the ranks from a deckhand to an engineer, captain, and finally a boat partner for multiple crab boats in the Bering Sea.

Allen Oakley of Sound Leader Seafoods
Catching crab on Sound Leader Seafood Vessel

As a testament to his experience and reputation, Allen was featured in the early episodes of the popular TV series, Deadliest Catch. Eventually, he returned to Bellingham, WA, to establish his own fishing vessels to allow him to spend more time with his family. At present, he is the proprietor and operator of the Pacific Hustler, which engages in crab, black cod, rockfish, lingcod, and halibut fishing along the West Coast.

Moreover, Allen has earned recognition for his exceptional stewardship in conservation. In particular, he was bestowed the 2015 Presidential Migratory Bird Federal Stewardship Award for his exemplary contributions to migratory bird conservation.

Sound Leader Seafoods certificate


Austin & Zack Oakley

Austin and Zack Oakley

"The opportunity to fish with both my sons Austin and Zack has meant so much to me; and also to watch our oldest start to run the boat; eventually filling my shoes."

The Grandkids

our Crew

crew of Sound Leader Seafoods at sea
Austin Oakley
Fresh Whole Seafood in Bellingham - Sound Leader Seafoods image
Member on board Pacific Hustler
fishing crew member
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