Our Process

How do we catch the fish?

We are a longline vessel, which means we set lines with a hook every 24 inches which lays on the bottom of the ocean, we hand bait each individual hook up to 10 thousand hooks per day the same way it has been done for over 100 years.

Benefits of Longlining

Longlining is much gentler on the ocean bottom, corals, sponges and less impactful on the resource.

Juvinile, non-targeted fish compared to the majority of fish provided to the consumer from dragging large nets pulled along the ocean bottom. Longline allows us to release small fish, non targeted fish back alive to the ocean resource.

a fish being caught at sea with a hook and line
Allen Oakley at sea with Sound Leader

We work to ensure quality and healthy seafood

We clean and ice the fish individually assuring the best quality. We have a federal observer onboard to take biological samples of the different species we catch in order to monitor and ensure the health and condition of all the different fish species we catch.

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